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Sofa Deauville 3 Seaters


Ukuran L 230cm x H 75cm x P 81cm
Rangka Mahogany Wood
Dudukan Foam HR High – Resilience foam 35 Kg/m3
Pocket Spring. Dacron.
Tinggi Dudukan 44cm
Dudukan Belakang Foam dan Dacron
Material Jok 100% Polyester 490 g/m2
Rub : over 50.000 times

Pilih Material Kain :

  • Petunia
  • Tulip
  • Marguerite
  • Marguerite A646-2A
  • Marguerite RB1131-152B
  • Marguerite RB1131-606C
  • Marguerite RB1131-627C
  • Marguerite RB1131-803
  • Marguerite RB1131-820
  • Marguerite RB1131-C009
  • Marguerite RB1131-C023B
  • Petunia 1883-05
  • Petunia 1883-05 Diamond
  • Petunia G-1765-1
  • Petunia G-1887-05
  • Petunia G-1887-16
  • Petunia G-1887-22
  • Tulip A1417-2A
  • Tulip A2267-2A
  • Tulip COBB-02
  • Tulip KL-1790-18
  • Tulip KL-1790-32
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Additional information


Petunia, Tulip, Marguerite

Motif & Warna

Marguerite A646-2A, Marguerite RB1131-152B, Marguerite RB1131-606C, Marguerite RB1131-627C, Marguerite RB1131-803, Marguerite RB1131-820, Marguerite RB1131-C009, Marguerite RB1131-C023B, Petunia 1883-05, Petunia 1883-05 Diamond, Petunia G-1765-1, Petunia G-1887-05, Petunia G-1887-16, Petunia G-1887-22, Tulip A1417-2A, Tulip A2267-2A, Tulip COBB-02, Tulip KL-1790-18, Tulip KL-1790-32


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